Advantages of Fedar sublimaiton printer-FD6198E

December 17, 2020

With continuous development of printing technology, Fedar sublimaiton printer has gradually developed into a multi-head series. As a manufacturer of printer, Fedar sublimaiton printer has spared no effort in researching, and FD6198E-8 heads printing machine launched has been well received by market.

Fedar Sublimaiton Printer

What are advantages of FD6198E-8 heads printing machine, and what position does it occupy in printing field? Let's take a look now!


Advantages of Fedar sublimaiton printer-FD6198E


1. Equipped with 8 Epson I3200-A1 print heads, printing speed is 350㎡/h, which is a powerful tool for large-scale processing plants.

2. Print head TFP film piezoelectric technology, 2.5pl variable dot ink drop function, precise positioning of ink drop, richer and fuller image color level, and more beautiful printing effect.


3. Assemble high-end quality accessories, such as Japanese THK silent linear guide, German igus ink chain, well-known high-quality boards, American imported fluorine rubber press rollers, etc., to better ensure printing accuracy and stability of long-term work of Fedar sublimaiton printer-FD6198E.


4. Design is more humane, such as secondary ink supply system, intelligent drying system, intelligent lack of ink/waste ink alarm system, original two-dimensional feather printing function, new integrated intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device, etc., making Fedar sublimaiton printer-FD6198E operation more simple and convenient.


With technological advancement of Fedar sublimaiton printer and improvement of production efficiency, Fedar sublimaiton printer-FD6198Eare increasingly showing strong market competitiveness. In future,speed of printing machines will become faster and faster, application of eight-head machines will become more and more common, and market scale of Fedar sublimaiton printer will become larger and larger.

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By cooperating with world famous printhead manufacturers and software suppliers, we integrate exquisite and practical technology into our products. Up to now, fedar printer has independently developed a series of mature products.

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