About the problem that the ink cannot be pumped properly

March 21, 2020

The piezoelectric photo machine uses micro-piezo inkjet technology. In order to ensure the tightness between the ink cartridge and the ink supply tube and the damper of the printhead, the entire ink supply system is tightly connected. If the airtightness is not good and the air leakage problem occurs, it will easily occur nozzle missing, the ink supply is not available, the ink cannot be pumped normally, and ink return in the damper.
1, The position of the capping station is not correct, you can try to adjust the position of thecapping station again;
2, The cap is deformed or aged, it is recommended to replace the cap (pay attention to maintaining the cap and cleaning it more)
3, The ink pump does not rotate, check the circuit to see if it is connected correctly;
4. The printhead data cable is not plugged in properly;
5, The printhead is damaged, it is recommended to replace with a new one;
6, The printhead carriage is not adjusted properly, which may cause that the capping station is not positioned properly.