A wide range of garment printing equipment, the most stable quality

June 11, 2019

The processing cost of transfer paper printer and equipment investment, depreciation, consumables, defective rate, fixed cost of factory, and labor cost are all closely related. Many digital printing factories use the lowest price equipment, the lowest price ink, in order to blindly reduce the cost. In a poor quality factory, it is clear that the price of the order received is almost the lowest, and the profit does not have much room.


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Digital printing machines have become commonplace. In the clothing market, if there is no manufacturer of digital printing equipment, it is difficult to receive large orders; accompanied by high customer acceptance, low cost, low defect rate, etc.; custom digital direct injection printing equipment. With the increase of customer acceptance, the digital printing process and equipment gradually mature and perfect, digital printing processing has entered the growth period and maturity period (the real maturity period should be the popularity of industrial nozzle equipment), this time for processing customers to do There are the following points:


1, improve quality: the use of stable equipment, the use of environmentally-certified inks, reducing the rate of defective products.
2, increase production: cultivate skilled operators, unify equipment configuration, expand production capacity, and flatten fixed costs.
3, emphasizing the brand influence: from equipment, consumables, fabrics, design drafts, exhibition halls, to achieve high-end quality assurance, to ensure quality, is to ensure the brand.
4, appropriate price reduction: digital printing processing opponents are not only other digital printing processing manufacturers, but also the subversion of wire mesh, rotary screen, flat screen printing.


Other printing companies use a unified model (unified head nozzle) to do a unified color management, as far as possible to ensure that the production can be synchronized, so that the requirements for the purchase of customers are not high, do not worry about receiving orders do not know What kind of machine is used to produce the problem, so the comprehensive labor cost of purchasing such a machine is also low, because of the stable production environment, mature consumables configuration, and low defect rate, forming a high-end product brand and image.


Therefore, there are many kinds of garment printing equipment on the market, and the quality is the most important. An unstable equipment can make employees crazy or even collapse. Buying a stable quality operation is not high. Digital printing machines can improve your work efficiency and improve. Capacity, but also reduce the load on employees, why not?